Leonardo In Detail

<p>Leonardo da Vinci is the archetypal universal man, a multi-talented genius who left an indelible mark on all the realms of art and knowledge he ventured into &ndash; painting, drawing and architecture, natural science, anatomy, mathematics, engineering and astronomy. His genius as a painter was reinforced by an analytical understanding of not only the human body but also nature and the physical laws of light. On the five-hundredth anniversary of Leonardo&rsquo;s death in 1519, this book celebrates<br />the artist by highlighting thirty masterpieces, including the&nbsp;<em>Annunciation</em>, the&nbsp;<em>Baptism of Christ</em>, the<em>&nbsp;Lady with an Ermine</em>, the&nbsp;<em>Mona Lisa</em>, the&nbsp;<em>Virgin of the Rocks</em>&nbsp;and the<em>&nbsp;Last Supper</em>, as well as a selection of his finest drawings.&nbsp;<br />Accompanied by clear, concise commentary and arranged according to theme, enlargements of significant details from these works guide the reader in discovering this greatest exponent of Renaissance humanism.<br /><br />Italian art historian Stefano Zuffi specializes in the period from the Renaissance to the Baroque. He has over sixty publications to his credit, notably on D&uuml;rer, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Titian and Caravaggio.<br /><br />Comes with a free digital edition on musebooks.world.&nbsp;</p>

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