Some artists are known for their abstract forms; others are recognized for their expressive colors; but special renown is lavished on those artists who executed their works with utmost precision. From Caravaggio’s ability to capture human expressions of anguish and awe to Van Eyck’s seemingly microscopic details of light and texture, these artists capitalized on their painterly skill to create remarkable compositions. This intricacy can be lost, though, when not viewing these paintings in person. Small-scale reproductions in books don't do them justice, and the nuance of these dynamic and detailed paintings often goes unnoticed.

The Ludion In Detail Series celebrates these splendid subtleties. Each volume focuses on one master painter and examines a selection of his works in unprecedented detail. Through high-resolution imagery, these books bring paintings back to life by reminding the viewer of these rich yet refined details. Complementing these captivating close-ups is insightful analysis by leading experts that helps to illuminate the importance of each painting and also to explore the mysteries and questions some of these works bear. The series currently consists of five foundational editions covering the works of Vermeer, Bosch, Caravaggio, Bruegel and Van EyckDigital versions are available separately or for free with purchase of a hardcover edition. (In English and Dutch.)