From its sinuous, organic curves to its opulent adornment, Art Nouveau design was a defining force of the late 19th century and in many ways encapsulated the splendor of the French Belle Époque era. Art Nouveau,a dynamic digital volume rich with details, celebrates this revolutionary quality.

The reader of this marvelous volume is treated to splendid images representing a survey of some of the best examples of Art Nouveau design across different countries and different media. This blend reveals the sheer versatility of a style that artfully melded the beauty of organic forms with the splendor of luxurious materials and accents. Discussing key themes and approaches in delightful detail, Art Nouveau grounds the reader in the importance of the movement while also compelling them to fall in love with the era’s aesthetic.

Step back in time and dazzle your eyes with the marvels of Art Nouveau, available now on Musebooks.