An essential figure in Renaissance Florence, Sandro Botticelli conjured some of the most iconic paintings of the 15th century that still beguile museum visitors today. Painting in an era in which the ideals of the Classical work were slowly re-entering contemporary culture, Botticelli artfully blended these themes with his ability to capture graceful beauty in his figures. From the breathtaking serenity of his depiction of the Madonna to the mythological allure of Venus as she is whisked to shore in her shell, Botticelli celebrated the brilliance of the Renaissance alongside his own virtuosity as a painter.

Fans who wish to step back into Renaissance Florence can do so with the wonderful books available on Botticelli’s career. Complete Works of Botticelli (€2.99/$2.99) presents the most comprehensive digital edition of the master’s body of work with scintillating imagery. Meanwhile, Botticelli (€9.95/$9.95) situates the artist’s work within his role a court artist to the Medici, one of Florence’s most powerful families of all time and the source for many of Botticelli’s most treasured commissions.