Considered by Pablo Picasso as "the father of us all", Paul Cézanne revolutionized the way in which artists could play with the perspective of their compositions. As one of the key innovators of the Post-Impressionist age, Picasso did not overestimate the influence of Cézanne on the subsequent generation of artists, a point proven in the career survey offered by the The Complete Paintings of Paul Cézanne.

Indebted to his ongoing study of the dynamics of the picture plane, Cézanne considered the ways in which he could flatten forms and simplify shapes. He also toyed with hints of abstraction, and as a testament to his dedication to novelty and exploration, he would at times return to the same vista repeatedly, such as is seen in his Mont Sainte-Victoire paintings. He also experimented with the perspective of his compositions, contemplating how an artist could reflect multiple vantages in a single picture plane, and thereby paving the way for innovators like Picasso and the Cubists. From this perspective, Cézanne can be seen as a progenitor for the trends in early 20th-century modernist painting, a point that is reinforced in this striking digital volume. Add Paul Cézanne to your digital library today!