Maligned during his lifetime, Dutch 19th-century artist Vincent van Gogh nevertheless maintained his dedication to his painting. This devotion, manifest through rich colors and dynamic strokes on canvas, takes center stage in Van Gogh,a comprehensive Delphi Classics digital monograph on the artist now available on Musebooks.

Diving into a painting career in the 1880s, van Gogh’s work truly came alive one he arrived in Paris in 1886. It was there that he discovered the power of color and of modern experimentation with technique, fueling what would become his ongoing investigation into the intensity and expressive qualities of painting. From the vibrating hues of his still lifes to his coloristic landscapes, van Gogh had the uncanny ability to channel nature in ways that prefigured early 20th-century modernism, though he would never live to see it. Though van Gogh’s career was unfortunately brief, the celebration of his work continues to the present day, particularly in such an impressive monograph as this that revisits some of the artist’s most beloved works in striking digital detail.