As one of the most beloved figures of the Impressionist era, Edgar Degas is being celebrated once again in the captivating exhibition, “Degas: A Passion for Perfection,” on view at the Denver Art Museum from 11 February to 20 May 2018. Showcasing a comprehensive collection of more than 100 works from the years 1855 to 1906, “Degas: A Passion for Perfection” is primed to inspire a new generation of fans of the French Impressionist’s work.

Uniting the works on display is the element of repetition: Degas was renowned for his penchant to return to the same subject repeatedly in an effort to capture a perfect, precise view even within the realm of the loosened, expressive, and atmospheric nature of his Impressionist technique. This exhibition showcases this repetitiveness as means to illustrate Degas’ dedication and desire to see his technique evolve, situating this approach among examples from past and contemporaneous artistic colleagues. As preparation for your visit, Musebooks recommends two digital volumes on Degas: The Complete Works of Edgar Degas, and Degas: A Strange New Beauty.