The artistic offspring of Gustav Klimt and a leader of his burgeoning generation of early twentieth-century European Expressionists, Egon Schiele was a tour-de-force of talent and innovation. Though he died at the painfully young age of 28, he nevertheless left behind a dynamic body of work that comes to life with provocative power in Egon Schiele, now available on Musebooks.

Written by Schiele scholars Esther Selsdon and Jeanette Zwingerberger, Egon Schiele offers the reader a focused look at the theme of eroticism in the artist’s work and uses it as a lens through which to investigate some of his most celebrated compositions. Those new to Schiele’s style will find Selsdon and Zwingerberger’s review fascinating; those expert in the artist’ oeuvre are bound to still find new insights within these pages.