From soaring heights to delicate decorations, architecture provides three-dimensional works of art that can amaze and delight. Musebooks celebrates the wonders of architecture in a sampling of titles that offer insights on some of the most striking structures in history. In these books you can:


  • Soak in the splendors of the medieval Parisian jewel-box sanctuary of Saint-Chapelle in Gothic Art (€8.95)
  • Become tantalized by the marble magnificence of the 17th-century Taj Mahal among other masterpieces in Art of Islam (€9.95)
  • Stroll through the intricacies of La Sagrada Familia by famed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí (€9.95)
  • Climb the twisting staircase of Victor Horta’s Art Nouveau home and atelier in The Horta Museum (€3.95)
  • Experience the dynamic environment in which Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater emerged in Art of the 20th Century (€9.50)