As an artist who embraced the energetic experimentation of the Abstract Expressionist era, Frank Stella became a defining figure in American modernism. At the same time, though, Stella’s forward-looking momentum was fueled by his interest in the art historical past, a connection fostered in the current exhibition “Frank Stella: Experiment and Change” (NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, through 8 July 2018).

Across an array of roughly 300 works form Stella’s oeuvre, this exhibition showcases Stella’s ingenuity as an artist alongside his desires to have a cross-chronological dialogue with his predecessors. From subtle homages to the work of 15th-century Netherlandish painter Rogier van der Weyden to contemporary conversations with fellow modernists such as Donald Judd, “Frank Stella: Experiment and Change” offers a novel look at the artist’s body of work and draws new connections that Stella fans are sure to enjoy.

Those wishing to brush up on their knowledge of mid 20th-century modernism should consider a digital copy of Guggenheim: Full Abstraction, available on Musebooks.