Playful pastel colors, bawdy bits, aristocratic elegance: these were the hallmarks of the 18th-century Rococo era, and all were embodied by Rococo master Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Renowned for his talents with coloristic effects, Fragonard and his artistic brilliance is revived in this digital volume.

Trained in the Academic tradition, Fragonard’s ability to blend grand subjects with refreshed compositions primed him to become a leading artist of the Rococo movement, one spurred by the elite nobility of the court of King Louis XV and that celebrated the splendors of French aristocratic life. Fragonard triumphed in his embrace of whimsical narratives ensconced in majestic landscapes and in doing so secured his status as one of the most celebrated artists of his generation. 

Fragonard tells the story of this remarkable career through fascinating prose and exceptional digital imagery. Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into Fragonard’s work by buying your digital copy of Fragonard at Musebooks today.