The world did not truly realize the potential of primary colours and basic lines until the era of Dutch twentieth-century De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian. It is thanks to his innovative style that he is celebrated as one of the champions of modernism. The Collected works of Piet Mondrian, a comprehensive monograph dedicated to the artist, is now available on Musebooks.

Starting to paint during his early years as a teacher, Mondrian moved rapidly from the Impressionistic styles of the later nineteenth century toward a pursuit of a more pure, utopian means of expression. His journey, as illustrated in this volume, carried Mondrian into the realm of the abstract. For Mondrian, though, this abstraction was one of order, not chaos. Precise geometry and reduced palettes became the foundation of his compositions that were simple in their design yet sophisticated and complex in the deep questions they raised for the viewer. 

Contemplate his works in Piet Mondrian, which offers a delightful survey of the artist’s career through equally brilliant imagery and prose. Buy your copy on Musebooks today.