The 19th-century Romantic landscape was beyond compare: celebrating the majesty of nature with unprecedented emotion, it inspired a generation of artists to channel the brilliance and beauty of their environs. “Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner,” on view at the Groninger Museum until 6 May 2018, brings to light the brilliance of the tradition from the Northern European perspective. 

Nearly 100 works from Northern masters ranging from German artists Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Blechen to English painter John Mallord William Turner and Danish master Martinus Rørbye dazzle visitors to this exhibition and reveal not only their talents as painters but also their abilities to imbue the natural world with deep and evocative emotion. Theirs was a connection spurred by spirituality and passion, sensations that are still intensely visceral for visitors today.

Fans of the Romantic landscape painters can continue this majestic tour through the paintings of Turner and Friedrich in the digital volumes dedicated to their oeuvres, available on Musebooks for only 2.99.