As part of an exciting new collaboration with the National Palace Museum of Taipei, Taiwan, Musebooks is proud to announce that the comprehensive catalogue publication of the museum’s impressive collection, entitled Splendors of the National Palace Museum, is now available as a digital musebook.

This new addition showcases the National Palace Museum’s rich holdings of artifacts from the Imperial Qing Court (1644-1912), which offer some of the most exceptional examples from all of Chinese art and design history. This substantial catalogue celebrates this outstanding quality while also commemorating the journey of these marvelous objects to their National Palace home: many of the items on display were originally secreted out of the Forbidden City in the 1930s only to find a permanent home decades later with their installation at the National Palace Museum in the 1960s. Since that point, the museum has devoted itself to the conservation, study, and documentation of these holdings, the scholarship of which is captured in this marvelous volume.

Splendors of the National Palace Museum is an essential library addition for anyone with a passion or even a passing interest in Chinese art and history as it is offers a glimpse into one of the most substantial collections of its kind in the world today.