Famed nineteenth-century Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was a defining force of the Post-Impressionist age, but his rapid artistic evolution, massive body of work, and storied psychological troubles make his career one that has proved a source for seemingly endless scholarly inquiry. One of these newer facets is found in Van Gogh: A Life in Places, a new book on the artist that is now available on Musebooks. 

In this innovative new volume, author Juliet Heslewood explores van Gogh’s body of work through the lens of his connections to people and places. From his early emphasis on portraits to his lifelong correspondence with his brother, Theo, Heslewood succeeds at presenting to the reader some of the key figures that influenced van Gogh’s novel painterly style along several landmark locales. Fans of Post-Impressionism will find this book insightful and might even be inspired to take a closer look at van Gogh’s work in future.