From the opulent woven carpets of ancient Persia to the loomed blankets of the Navajo dating to the nineteenth century, the art of weaving has played a central role throughout human culture. Weaving has served both functional and ceremonial purposes to tell stories and develop visual traditions all their own. This tradition continues to the present and is showcased in Weaving: Contemporary Makers on the Loom, a fascinating book newly added to the Musebooks library.

The pages weave the story of today’s innovators in the revival of the weaving tradition as it explores the various applications of the art form across 20 contemporary workshops. Abundant imagery of the respective studios reveals how old techniques are made new once again, and corresponding images of the masterworks of weaving that emerge from these workshops will make readers fall in love with the incredibly intricacy and breathtaking beauty that is possible in modern loomed works. A special treat is a section dedicated to the weaver Anni Albers, a crucial figure in the early twentieth-century Bauhaus movement who will be fêted with a retrospective of her work at London’s Tate Modern opening in late 2018. Fans of the wonders of weaving are sure to be captivated by this book – buy your copy on Musebooks today.