Bruegel - The Complete Paintings, Drawings and Prints

This stunning book reproduces all 40 paintings and 70 drawings attributed to Bruegel in lush full colour, with numerous close-up details, as well as his 75 prints. In this superb monograph, Manfred Sellink, art historian and Dutch and Flemish art expert, reprints the artist’s first biography, written by Karel van Mander around 1604.

The Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder is considered the first Western landscape and genre painter. These high quality, sumptuously illustrated volumes are aimed both at specialised readers and art lovers in general.

Publisher Ludion
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Some book reviews
Renaissance Quarterly:
“The achievement is particularly telling in the case of the drawings, which are frequently accompanied by enlarged details that convey the finer points of Bruegel's draughtsmanship”.
“Bruegel is one of the greatest painters and draughtsmen in the history of Western art, and above all an artist with a disturbingly sharp insight into the frailty of human morals, a sound sense of humour, and a unique pictorial wit.”