Luc Tuymans - Graphic Works

As perhaps one of the most celebrated Belgian artists today, Luc Tuymans has used historically saturated imagery to explore the themes of memory and trauma, to great critical and public acclaim. Graphic Works 1989-2012 examines Tuymans’ variety of techniques, processes, and proofs, using unpublished source materials, Polaroids, and even watercolours from the archives of master printer Roger Vandaele and Tuymans’ own studio. Concluding with a brilliant illustrated survey of Tuymans’ complete graphic works from 1989 to 2012, this book gives invaluable documentation of both the artist’s work and life.

Publisher Ludion
Number of pages 280
  • $19.95
    Digital - English
  • $60.00
    Digital + Softcover - English
Some book reviews
Art in Print, Kate McCrickard:
“ (…) his sensibility is a natural fit for the smooth surfaces of screenprint and lithography, but he has also ventured into inkjet, photocopies, aquatint etching, thermo-enamelling and installation, amassing an absorbing body of print work that sharpens his inquiries into trauma, historical amnesia and the veracity of the image.”

Aesthetica Magazine:
“It becomes evidently clear, that through the very nature of Tuymans’ process of appropriating from photographic imagery, abstracting it and then re-working it through mind and hand, he draws upon a lack of sincerity and belief in photographic imagery today. Painting works with time and through time, it stalls a moment and can be left lingering within the artist’s for a prolonged period of time before it is finally realised. In this, a painting entertains a core, habitual truth, one that an iPhone or imagery from a computer screen can never possibly convey.”