Asked who your favorite artists are and a few names probably spring to mind within seconds. Asked to name an artist from a major movement, such as Impressionism or Pop Art, and we can all drum up some ideas. But no matter how much we know about art history, there are surely some essential figures whose work we don’t recognize. They may have been masters of their generation, but their legacies faded into history or have been overshadowed by other more prominent names.  


Here are 5 artists every art lover should know (but probably doesn't):



Carl Larsson, who brought the energy of the Arts and Crafts era to the vistas of rural Sweden.


Rachel Ruysch and her passionate female colleagues who forged a new path highlighted in Eighteenth Century Women Artists.


Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, who championed Academic historicism while also supporting the rise of modern Impressionism.


Rik Wouters, whose brief yet brilliant career changed the face of Fauvism in Brabant.


Marthe Donas, whose pioneering explorations of twentieth-century modernism were mostly lost during the ravages of war.


Take a look at these 5 or explore our other titles to meet your new favorite artists and start making new art discoveries today.