Even among the remarkably diverse modes of expression seen in the early decades of the twentieth century, Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) was able to distinguish himself from the field. Unique in his ability to blend modernist concepts with his own personal style, Modigliani developed an approach that is both universally recognizable and went unrivaled by any of his contemporaries.

The pioneer is brought to life in the comprehensive digital edition Modigliani, which reveals how the artist artfully pulled from modernist abstraction, particularly the advent of Cubism in the early twentieth century, to experiment with both form and color in his compositions. In this experimentation, and with his concurrent interest in the refinement of past artistic masters, Modigliani cultivated an approach that relied upon abstraction and yet was also exceptionally executed and technically refined. This dynamic is showcased in this digital edition through striking imagery and enlightening complementary texts for selected highlights from his oeuvre.