Entranced by expert graphic design? Seeking inspiration for a home renovation on the horizon? Dabble in creating personal pieces for charming interior spaces? Musebooks offers a remarkable array of titles that will spark your eye for design across various aesthetic disciplines. Here’s a selection of some of our favorites:


Pattern Base, a volume overflowing with the possibilities available in surface and textile design

Counter Space, a captivating look to the evolution of the modern kitchen space

How to Use Graphic Design, a handy primer that illuminates the power that good design can yield

Art Nouveau, a text celebrating the rich motifs and decadent designs of one of history’s most influential movements


These titles, packed with imagery and supported by exceptional prose, are sure to delight the design-oriented reader and also inspire those considering a change to their space.

You can find a more complete selection of design titles in the Musebooks category The Art of Design.