Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer is universally renowned for the incredible precision of his paintings, but how did he accomplish this precision? Questions have surrounded Vermeer's body of work for generations and scholars and scientists alike have tried to determine his methods. In the midst of these unknowns, though, one certainty is that Vermeer's manner of painting is brilliant, and the new volume Vermeer in Detail reinforces this brilliance with impeccable images and insightful descriptions.

Across chapters divided by Vermeer's main subjects and themes, the reader will become engrossed with the artist’s compelling compositions alongside the insights of author Gary Schwartz. An art historian whose expertise lies in the field of the art of the Dutch Golden Age, Schwartz helps to contextualize Vermeer's paintings: though little is known of Vermeer's biography and training, Schwartz aims to construct the most complete picture of the painter’s life and art. Schwartz's informed yet relaxed tone strips the book of any academic pretense and allows the reader to simply fall into fascination with Vermeer and his exceptional work. 

Hardcover books available from 22 March. Pre-order your copy today and receive your free digital edition immediately.