French Impressionist Claude Monet is a perennial favorite among art fans, and the impressive two-volume edition Claude Monet, now available on Musebooks, offers a satisfying reminder of why Monet continues to hold such a revered status.

Discovered on the beaches of Normandy as a young man making caricatures of passersby, Claude Monet was whisked into Paris’ most elite art circles, and yet it was shortly after his start in the famed Academic studio of Charles Gleyre that he felt a pull away from traditional painterly approaches. This yearning, shared by several of colleagues, would soon after form the foundation of Impressionism, a style that sidestepped the rigor and refinement of Academic works in favor of atmospheric and expressive means of capturing the dynamic late nineteenth-century world. Monet used this novel approach and its celebration of light and color for the duration of his career, and as result his body of work is one of the most acclaimed within the Impressionist generation. It is this same oeuvre that is showcased in Claude Monet, vols. 1 and 2, a comprehensive set that showcases the best of Monet’s subjects, from his much beloved water lily blooms to his snow-covered haystacks, in delectable digital detail.