As the master of Venetian views, Italian painter Canaletto painted picture postcards that forever immortalized the iconic beauty of the lagoon city. This beauty – and Canaletto’s inherent talents – are further commemorated in the digital volume dedicated to the artist in the Delphi Classics Master of Art series.

Capitalizing on the beauty of the city and the demand for souvenir compositions among the wealth of Grand Tourists flooding the Italian peninsula in the 18th century, Canaletto customized his output to focus solely on the iconic vistas and the unique events of Venice. Of particular renown was the manner in which Canaletto conveyed Venice’s brilliant blue skies, one of the most memorable characteristics of the alluring city. Pairing this scintillating atmosphere with striking views of the Venetian skyline, Canaletto created a body of work immediately coveted.

Discover for yourself why Canaletto’s paintings were so valued in this marvelous volume. Rich with images, The Collected Works of Canaletto transports the reader back to 18th-century Venice and allows a deeper understanding of why Canaletto’s amazing views not only spoke to the collectors of his generation but continue such a conversation today.