Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is undoubtedly known best for his painting The Scream (1893), but his larger body of work reveals a much more dynamic and intriguing artist. Explore this more extensive review of Munch’s work in a marvelous digital Delphi Classics volume on the artist now available on Musebooks.

Trained at the Royal School of Art and Design of Kristiana, Munch excelled within the Academic rigor of study, and yet he simultaneously felt a pull to the modes of modern expression that were emerging around him. Elements of Impressionism and Expressionism seeped into his work as he began to explore the element of emotion and the subconscious to some extent in his work. Probing raw emotions and psychological sensations, Munch’s work tapped into turn-of-the-century contemplations of the spirit, of symbolism, and of the power of metaphysical connections, thus laying the groundwork for the Expressionist movements of the 20th century. Examine this crucial figure through a comprehensive presentation of his work offered in exceptional and unprecedented digital detail.