Imagine the meeting of some of the most revolutionary artists of the early 20th century and you’ll have probably envisioned figures such as Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte, and Salvador Dalí. All three come together in the new exhibition, “Duchamp, Magritte, Dalí: Revolutionary Artists from the 20th century,” on view at Madrid’s Gaviria Palace through 15 July.

This showcase puts the three dynamic figures into an engaging artistic conversation with each other, rekindling a dialogue lain dormant for decades and supplemented by supporting works by colleagues such as Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, and Francis Picabia. The works on display are considered some of the artists’ best and include a substantial number loaned by the Israel Museum of Jerusalem. The exhibition is subdivided into five main sections – ‘Marvelous Juxtapositions,’ ‘Desire: Muse and Abused,’ ‘Automatism and Its Evolution,’ ‘Biomorphism and Metamorphosis,’ and ‘Illusion and Dreamscape’ – so that visitors can explore the key themes and exchange of ideas that occurred during this remarkable moment of art history.

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