Edward Hopper was a master of 20th-cenutry American painting who lent his highly observant eye to scenes of a country in transition. Enlivening relatively straightforward compositions with vibrant color, Hopper conjured captivating moments of Americana that are put on display in Edward Hopper: Light and Dark, now available on Musebooks.

Born in upstate New York in the final quarter of the 19th century, Hopper was encouraged from a young age to paint from the world around him. His mentor, Robert Henri, fostered in Hopper a desire to examine the everyday through painterly exploration, and Hopper carried that spirit into the 1920s, a decade poised at the dawn of America’s transformation. From the catastrophes of the Great Depression to the atrocities of wartime, Hopper was able to invent scenes that were both unique and universal. Scenes of motel rooms or seemingly abandoned city streets were stripped of their identifying elements, and yet viewers of Hopper’s paintings could relate to these anonymous locales thanks to his captivating renderings and rich colors.

Edward Hopper: Light and Dark allows the reader to journey through Hopper’s career and examine his remarkable abilities to utilize color to its fullest while also tempering his Academic training with the perspective of a modernist.