From the soaring height of its architecture to the intense devotional timbre of its imagery, the Gothic era transformed the practice of worship. The development of architectural and visual design updated the traditions of the medieval era and made way for the Renaissance age on the horizon. This crucial moment is captured in Gothic Art, now available on Musebooks.

Spurred on by the ambitious Abbott Suger, who in his renovations of the French Church of Saint Denis wished to devise a means of making the space seem both higher and lighter, the Gothic ideal of high pointed arches and sweeping structures studded with kaleidoscopic gems of stained glass grew rapidly in popularity. This text highlights this quick adoption and showcases the key elements of both the architectural and artistic styles of the day to highlight how both visual imagery and dynamic engineering complemented each other to conjure quite moving spaces of worship for a growing faithful population across western Europe. Packed with images and paired with intriguing and informed commentary, Gothic Art makes for a great survey of one of the most fascinating eras in design history. Buy your copy today.