In the ancient Incan world, textiles and other fabrics were particularly revered, not only for their splendid designs but also for the status that such materials imbued upon their owner. Explore this sumptuous status in incredible detail in the new exhibition, “INCA Dress Code: Textiles and Adornment of the Andes” at Belgium’s Art & History Museum from 23 November 2018 to 24 March 2019.

Featuring roughly 200 objects from the “Americas” holdings of several of Belgium’s leading museums and prominent private collections, this showcase reveals the amazing intricacy of these objects as well as the various materials that proved essential to these spectacular creations. Set within an exhibition space designed to recreate the spaces of Andean culture, these objects come alive once again and are sure to inspire visitors to dig deeper into this facet of South American history. Accompanying the exhibition is a marvelous catalogue available in English, French, and Dutch at Musebooks.