We’ve probably all felt it: we walk into a monumental museum and we just don’t know where to start. We’ve heard of modernism, but who are the essential figures? We know the name Rubens, but where does he fit? Navigating the history of art can be overwhelming, but Musebooks is excited to announce a new feature that can help simplify your journey: Curated Digital Art Book Collections.

Each collection offers a sampling of books that survey the most essential figures or movements of art history. From the masters of the Italian Renaissance to the monumental figures of modernism, these collections take the guesswork out of purchasing and can help spur readers’ interest in new aspects or artists from these time periods. There are also collections available that offer insights into analyzing and understanding art and, for those who want the most thorough introduction possible, there is the Ultimate Collection which offers titles that highlight artists and movements across the ages. Take a look at these fantastic collections and start building your library today: