Sharing in the artistic innovation alive in early 20th-century Vienna, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele fostered an intriguing relationship. This artistic exchange is put on center stage in the striking exhibition, Klimt and Schiele: Drawn,” on view at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (25 February to 28 May 2018).

This exhibition is coincides with the centennial anniversary of both artists’ deaths in 1918, and it offers a captivating study of their artistic exchange as reflected in a satisfying survey of their drawings. Though undoubtedly distinct in their respective artistic styles, the sampling of 60 drawings on view reveals how both partook in the exploration of the power of emotion, with an emphasis on reality, and confronting the longstanding rules of art.

Accompanied by a well-researched and amply illustrated catalogue, “Klimt and Schiele: Drawn,” brings new attention to both artists’ works on paper and rekindles a fascinating artistic dialogue from a century ago that is still relevant today.


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