Amid the various artistic energies that dominated the early twentieth century, one of the central tensions that emerged was that between the careful study of the larger world and the experimentation with abstraction. While many focused their practice on one of these two extremes, French artist Fernand Léger instead embraced both, choosing to experiment with the concepts of Cubism alongside his fascination with modern life.

This blend is the focus of an exciting new exhibition entitled, “Fernand Léger: New Times, New Pleasures,” on view at the Tate Liverpool from 23 November 2018 to 17 March 2019. One of the largest exhibitions of Léger’s work in the United Kingdom in recent decades, this showcase reveals how Léger not only channeled the energy of the modern world into his works but also how Léger responded to that energy by working to bring his art to this world around him.

You can still sneak a peek at the novelty of Léger’s works even if Liverpool isn’t part of your travel plans this winter by buying a copy of Fernand Léger, a fantastic digital volume available on Musebooks that compiles many of artist’s most iconic works in one well-written text.