As the home to one of Brussels’ most splendid museum collections and part of the network of institutions making up the Belgian Royal Museums for Art and History, the Cinquantenaire Museum boasts an expansive collection of international works that span all of history. Masterpieces of the Cinquantenaire Museum compiles the best of the best of these objects to make for a captivating catalogue, carrying readers across time and around the world.

As readers will discover, the Cinquantenaire Museum holds objects and works that represent key innovations from the ancient world, showcased through antiquities from Egypt to China, to the late 19th-century Art Nouveau era. Though the collection boasts thousands of works ranging from jewelry and ceramics to textiles to mosaics, this catalogue condenses these splendors to the top 100 pieces. These exceptional selections are showcased with outstanding photography and insightful, scholarly observations, allowing readers to learn as much about world history as they do about the individual objects in this marvelous museum collection.

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