Michelangelo Buonarroti not only defined a generation of Italian Renaissance masters; with his innovative compositions he also paved the way for the new modes of artistic expression that would manifest fully in the subsequent eras. From his early study of the figure to his monumental nudes of the Sistine Last Judgment, Michelangelo’s focus on the human form carried him to unparalleled artistic heights, a caliber captured in the volume Michelangelo.

Referred to by those who followed him as a “genius” or as “divine,” Michelangelo revealed his exceptional skills while still under the tutelage of Domenico Ghirlandaio. It was there that Michelangelo revealed the facility with which he could render the human body, and it was this ability that would usher Michelangelo into a career-long contemplation of the Classical figure and its Renaissance adaptation. This book looks to this obsession and examines this evolution with remarkable imagery and insightful scholarship. Despite the wealth of literature on the artist, this volume nevertheless is able to capture a unique perspective and thus is a delight for those who admire the artist and his achievements. Michelangelo is available for purchase on Musebooks now.