As one of the most popular Italian court painters of the fifteenth century, Piero della Francesca achieved celebrity status for his graceful compositions. From the sitters of his portraits to his grand religious scenes, Piero garnered acclaim for his rich coloring and his calmly composed characters. This striking grace is on full display in the new exhibition, “Piero della Francesca: Monarch of Painting,” on view at The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg from 7 December 2018 to 11 March 2019.

Bringing together eleven of the artist’s works, this showcase is officially the largest ever dedicated to the artist, as many of his surviving works are unable to be transported. The result is the potential for  novel investigations of his paintings as new pairings emerge. Including masterpieces such as Portrait of Sigismondo Malatesta (circa 1450) and the Annunciation panel from Piero’s Sant’Antonio Polyptych (1467-1469), this display is destined to be memorable for those passionate for Piero’s paintings.

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