As the old saying goes, “behind every good man is a good woman,” an aphorism particularly applicable to the era of the nineteenth-century Pre-Raphaelites. From the lesser known laundresses to wealthy socialites, from famed models like the auburn-haired beauty Elizabeth Siddall to the talented female artists like Evelyn DeMorgan, these essential women are the focus of Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang: Fifty Makers, Shakers, and Heartbreakers from the Victorian Era, now available on Musebooks.

Offering a refreshing review of the key women of the Pre-Raphaelite era, this book showcases the revolutionary qualities of the nineteenth-century movement through the lens of the women who helped to define the movement. Overlooked stories alongside deeper reviews of noted female Pre-Raphaelite characters bring renewed attention to this important facet of the movement and remind the reader of the enduring influence these women had on later artistic expression. Buy your copy on Musebooks today and gain insights on these amazing women.