René Magritte was an artist whose works posed more questions than answers, and that sense of introspection only grew over the course of his career. A new exhibition at SFMOMA, entitled “René Magritte: The Fifth Season”, puts the spotlight on this late moment of Magritte’s production to showcase how these final decades were some of his best. 

This exhibition features more than 70 works by the artist and is designed so that visitors can navigate the galleries through thematic connections made by both the works themselves and the messages behind them. Echoes of Magritte’s earlier Surrealist years can still be felt, but what speaks louder in this exhibition is the renewed energy and mystery that Magritte channeled into these late career works to push both his oeuvre – and the discussion of mid-20th century art – forward. René Magritte: The Fifth Season” is on view from 19 May to 28 October 2018.


Magritte on Musebooks

Enjoy a prelude to this showcase with The Magritte Museum, the digital guide to the museum in Brussels. This marvelous Musebooks offering is rich with illustration and insights into Magritte’s complex body of work.