An essential voice of majestic landscape painting, 19th-century English painter John Constable imbued his work with an unprecedented picturesque beauty, an aspect that made his painting renowned and his oeuvre the ideal subject for its own volume in the Delphi Classics Masters of Art series.

Seeking truth in his vistas, Constable was determined to develop a new approach to painting. So pioneering was he in that pursuit that he was one of the first to explore the potential of plein aire painting. Translated as "in the open air", the practice transformed the artist's ability to capture the immediate effects of light and atmosphere and proved pivotal for the advent of late 19th-century modernism.

Musebooks is now thrilled to offer The collected Works of John Constable, a digital collection of the artist’s paintings and drawings alongside an in-depth biography and Constable’s own letters and lectures.