To say that an artist’s brilliance can be defined by color might seem unusual, but for a master of color like Pierre Bonnard such a definition is apt. His captivating color is the focus of a new exhibition at London’s Tate Modern, entitled, “Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory,” on view 23 January to 6 May 2019.

Featuring a selection of Bonnard’s paintings from the final three decades of his career, this exhibition showcases the artist in his prime as he probed the bounds of color to both define and enliven compositional elements. Across his subject matter, visitors are sure to be compelled by the ways in which this innovative use of color can capture an instant in time that is nevertheless psychologically deep.

As a perfect complement to this exhibition, Musebooks recommends Bonnard and Les Nabis, which showcases Bonnard’s earlier years as a member of the avant-garde group of young French artists that formed in the 1890s to rebel against artistic convention to instead explore the power of color, expression, and symbolism.