Though Dante Gabriel Rossetti was trained in the Royal Academy, his professional career an artist, designer, and poet broke all the rules of the day’s Academic tradition. Forming one of the most innovative and influential brotherhoods of all time with his colleagues, Rossetti aided in the creation of an entire design movement that still bears influence today.

Beginning his training at London’s Royal Academy, Rossetti branched off early on with several of his studio mates in search of a painterly sensibility they felt had been lost in art over the years. They rediscovered this element in the art before the days of Raphael, and thus set out, as a banded-together Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, to revive the rich colors, organic motifs, and historical narratives that were popular in that earlier era. Using his inherent skill as an artist, Rossetti, along with colleagues such as William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais, sought utmost authenticity in their works as they recalled the narratives and compositional styles of the past. In doing so, these Pre-Raphaelites, with Rossetti at the helm, helped encourage the roots of the Arts and Crafts movement to take hold.

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