Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516), along with his artist father Jacopo and brother Gentile, proved essential to the art of Renaissance Venice. He was universally renowned for his sensuous tones and rich compositional style, elements that come to life once more in the Delphi Classics Masters of Art digital volume, Giovanni Bellini.

Training under his father and alongside his brother, Giovanni maintained an early style quite similar to these gentlemen, but in the 1470s he began to venture into his own exploration of rich, luminous color. This experimentation blossomed by the early 1500s into compositions that were decadent delights to behold. Works such as Portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan (1501) and the treasured San Zaccaria altarpiece (1505) showcase the delicacy of his hues combined with the intricacies of his compositional details, aspects that can be witnessed in unprecedented detail in this new volume. Follow the evolution of this style and gain insights into the influence Bellini had on later generations by buying a copy of this digital volume on Musebooks today.