When you want to revolutionize an industry, you need the skills to make that revolution a success. Augustus, the great Roman Emperor, triumphed in uniting the people of ancient Rome only because he was expert in political positioning. Leonardo da Vinci changed the game for artists during the Renaissance by using his knack for invention in both engineering and art. Now, while we at Musebooks.com are not attempting to liken our achievements to such pillars of history as Augustus and Leonardo, we do hope to enact revolution in the access to digitized formats of art books and catalogues.

$10,800,000,000: The worth of the global ebook market in 2014 (by 2016, it is projected to crest $16,000,000,000).

Helping us out has been what we’ve learned from those who have attempted such a service before. Many museums and book publishers have tried to transform their texts into digital editions in the past, but their success rate has been dismally low. The limitation in most of these cases was not consumer demand but rather the missing combination of talents in publishing, marketing, and information technology to make such a venture thrive. The majority of these pioneers, for example, lacked proficiency in the field of information technology and thus did not fully understand nor utilize the potential capabilities of an Internet forum. Those with some IT expertise were limited by their abilities to market their books effectively online, and others struggled with how to secure copyrights for these digital books in a cost-effective manner.


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As we contemplated these failed attempts, we realized that, unlike these predecessors, we as a team embodied this triad of essential skill sets. Peter’s expertise in art book publishing gave us the knowledge of the publishing process as well as connections with some of the finest museums in the world. Noël’s background in communications allowed him to contribute his ideas of how to market and promote this new venture, and Dominique’s skill as a web developer was integral in the online implementation of our ideas. While all three of us came from diverse professional backgrounds, our shared entrepreneurial industriousness proved the final spark, igniting the concept of Musebooks.com.

“In all my years at the helm of [Ludion Publishing], I never understood why some competitors paid so little attention to the images their books intended to celebrate.” – Peter Ruyffelaere, Founder and Content Manager, Musebooks.world

Our goal is an unprecedented digital reading experience for our account holders. So, in addition to conventional print editions for sale, Musebooks.com set itself apart from other online bookstores by featuring a remarkably wide array of art ebooks. We wanted to give our readers the ability to curate their own library and view their books as they please, and so we’ve created customized features within our website that allow you to do both.

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Our goal at Musebooks.com is not only to disseminate the scholarship of the art world to a larger audience but also to facilitate your own collection of beautiful art books regardless of budget or bookshelf size. In other words, we hope to break down the book barriers to the world art.

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