Splendors of the National Palace Museum
A New Edition

The National Palace Museum’s rich treasures originate from the imperial Qing court in a long tradition of dynastic China’s royal collections. Facing the threat of war after the 918 Incident (1931), a best selection was ready to leave the Forbidden City (1933) and to evacuate south. The first stop was at Shanghai (1934), and then on to the Republic’s capital Nanjing, where a Preparatory Office was set up in 1936 for the proposed National Central Museum. From there, 3,824 crates again went to Taiwan in 1948 and stayed in Baigou, Taizhong County until in 1965 a museum complex was completed at Wishuangxi, Taipei. The national treasures that had been on the move for many years finally settled in the new home and under proper care. More than four decades later and after unceasing effort in conservation, research, exhibition, and education, as well as additional acquisitions through donation, purchase, and entrusting, the National Palace Museum (NPM) is now an internationally-acclaimed institution for its prominent collections of Chinese art and artifacts.

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