Training Days
The Subway Artists Then and Now

Training Days catches up with characters and writers from the early 80s when Henry Chalfort, Martha Cooper and James Prigoff were documenting the New York graffiti scene in book and film with ‘Subway Art’ and ‘Style Wars’.

In the late 1970s, New York City was bankrupt, dirty and dangerous. Born on these grimy streets, graffiti rapidly made its mark. Here, twelve legendary graffiti writers – Bil Rock, Breezer, Daze, Jon One, Kel, KR, Lady Pink, Sak, Sharp, Skeme, Spin and Team – give first-person accounts of their experiences.

Publisher Thames & Hudson
Number of pages 176
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    Digital - English
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    Digital + Hardcover - English
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“Lively stories, excitingly told… a thorough account that avoids the trap of being over-academic.”