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How do I read a Musebook?

  • Use the symbols on the right of your screen to switch between text the text, images the art work or pages the pages.
  • Explore the details by zooming in to each work of art or use the navigation feature at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click grid symbol the grid symbol to see all of the pages or works of art.


Try it on these examples

  •  Van Eyck 
  • MoMA Highlights 
  • Rubens 
  • Van Gogh 
  • Modern Women 
  • Bosch In Detail 
  • Counter Space 
  • Rivera 


You prefer a video?

Video: A new reading experience (95 sec.)

About Musebooks

Musebooks Ltd. is the company responsible for developing a new way of reading digital art books. Up until now art enthusiasts could not enjoy reading digitally, because the eBook format wasn’t suitable for art books and exhibition catalogues. Musebooks.world is the first digital reading experience specially developed for art books. Art lovers can switch between text view, the artwork or the pages, always allowing a choice of the most suitable reading experience. Your books are placed in your personal cloud library.


Musebooks works worldwide. Books are organised in three shops: Europe, North-America and World. This is neccesary because of rights issues.

Musebooks Ltd. is based in Belgium, at the Corda Campus technology hub in Hasselt.



The trio of Belgian innovators behind Musebooks.world are publishing professional Peter Ruyffelaere, marketing mastermind Noël Slangen, and information technology ingénue Dominique de Rijcke.


Dominique De Rijcke (38) is an experienced tech entrepreneur, owning several IT firms. Dominique and Noël have worked together many times, creating several international IT platforms for multinationals and organisations. 

Noël Slangen (52) has been a successful entrepreneur in the communication industry in Belgium and the Netherlands for nearly 30 years. He is used to managing large teams, working with stakeholders and advising major clients.

Peter Ruyffelaere (57) has a track record in producing art books at Ludion, was responsible for the merchandising of the Magritte Foundation, and has worked with some of the world’s most important museums in co-productions of museum catalogues.


Kutlu Taskin Tuna
Head of Digital Management 

Erik Gos
Head of Development

Sophia Rochmes
Head of Art Partnerships

David Winkels
Partnership Manager

Joni Fory
ICT Developer

Tjerk Ameel
Magento Developer (Indie Group) 

Stien Mercken
Process Management 

Fatima Bartels
Process Assistant 

Ruth Ruyffelaere
Books and Fairs

Hannah Van Lith
Books and Fairs 

Carol Laurent
Partnership Manager 

Dries Tack
Partnership Manager 

Bettie Elias

Alexis Culotta

Rachel Gallagher
Editor and Book Production

Lizzie Davey
Editor and Book Production

Dave Foxall

Ramon Linssen

Koen Neven
Designer (Hands) 

Kirsten Van Mierden
User Experience Consultant (Netprofiler) 

Steven Slings
Senior Web Analytics Consultant (Netprofiler) 

Jasper Meurs
App Development (Touching)


Thanks also to all our freelancers doing book production, translations and research. 


Mail: info@musebooks.world