Century of the Child
Growing by Design 1900-2000

Century of the Child brings together an unprecedented collection of objects and concepts from around the world in order to investigate the fascinating confluence of modern design and childhood. The wide-ranging ideas described here—from the beginning of the kindergarten movement to wartime propaganda, from design for children with disabilities to innovations in playground design—illuminate how progressive design has shaped the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of children and, conversely, how models of children’s play and pedagogy have inspired designers’ creative experimentation.

Featuring over four hundred illustrations and sections on school architecture, playgrounds, toys and games, educational materials, nurseries, furniture, animation, advertising, books, and clothing, this volume examines individual and collective visions for the material world of children.

Publisher MoMA
Number of pages 264
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    Digital - English
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Some book reviews
A Zanin-Yost:
"This is the first published survey of 20th century design for children. And what an amazing publication!"

Steven Heller, The Atlantic:
"This may be the single most important, overriding dynamic regarding design for children from the early 20th century to today: Adults create new products for kids and kids, in turn, create new worlds."