Luc Tuymans - Exhibitions at David Zwirner

Many would argue that true art prompts more questions than it answers, and the art of Luc Tuymans is no exception. Here the reader is presented with the entirety of the artist’s work as shown in New York and London, from 1994 to 2013. The book includes insightful commentary by critics, curators, and visual artist Brice Marden.

Tuymans’ paintings, often taken from pre-existing imagery, are known for their sparse colouring, slightly out-of-focus point of view, and largely commonplace subject matter. There is no doubt of the tremendous impact he has had on the contemporary artistic community.

Publisher Ludion
Number of pages 224
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Some book reviews
Bookforum, Johanna Fateman:
“Tuymans’s art is quiet, and it radiates a gloomy calm. The Belgian artist (…) is now an influential fixture in the art world, known for his subdued, often sickly palette, his strangely cropped compositions, and his withholding of expected details like facial features.”

The Evening Standard:
“These are some of the strangest paintings I have seen recently. They are also among the best.”