Luc Tuymans
Painting on Ice

Luc Tuymans is one of the world’s most important contemporary artists. Rivers of ink have flowed about his life and his work, but there was no book for readers of all ages. That book is now here. Published in Dutch, English, German and Arabic, Painting on Ice offers offers the young reader a look into the strange and gripping world of Luc Tuymans, through a poetic and beautifully written text by young adult book author Paul de Moor. De Moor freezes pictures, snapshots, conversations, impressions and emotions to form a portrait of the artist like water turning gradually into ice.

Publisher Ludion
Number of pages 64
  • $6.95
    Digital - English
  • $23.50
    Digital + Hardcover - English
Some book reviews
De Standaard:
“A valuable tip: read Painting on Ice before you visit Tuymans’ retrospective exhibition."