Frank Auerbach's creative process inspires a sense of magic. His uncommon approach of returning to the same canvas over and over, quickly scraping off and reapplying paint until he can sense it is complete, lends his paintings their signature thick, visible layers which create a powerful and lively character. Frank Auerbach: Speaking and Painting is one of the latest publications to celebrate the artist's body of work by offering a survey of his entire career.

Author Catherine Lampert was curator of the Auerbach retrospective exhibition hosted by various European museums (2015-2016). A scholar with great knowledge of Auerbach's body of work, she also adds an intimate knowledge of his process as she sat for one of his paintings in the late 1970s. This unique perspective, combined with 100 illustrations and photographs, makes Frank Auerbach: Speaking and Painting an exceptional review of the artist's career.