A true Renaissance man, Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) dabbled in many things but was undoubtedly expert in one: painterly perspective. A master artist who contributed some of the most impressive works of the era, Mantegna’s influence comes into full focus in Andrea Mantegna and the Italian Renaissance, now available on Musebooks. 

Born near Padua, Mantegna fell into the emerging circle of later fifteenth-century local masters who all shared in their exploration of the modern themes of humanism and the revival of the Classical world. Mantegna channeled these themes into his quest for mastery of perspective, the key tool, still novel in Mantegna’s day, by which artists could create the illusion of spatial recession. Naturally gifted and mathematically inclined, Mantegna’s abilities to conjure such a pictorial illusion proved central to some of his most essential commissions. From the imagined spaces conjured in the Paduan Ovetari Chapel (1448-1457) to the trompe-l’oeil dynamism of the Duke of Mantua’s Camera degli Sposi (1465-1474), Mantegna broke new artistic ground and set a new standard for the illusory qualities of painting for the remainder of his generation.

This groundbreaking status is showcased in Andrea Mantegna and the Italian Renaissance, which helps to contextualize Mantegna’s talents within the incredibly gifted field of late fifteenth-century Italian painters. Retelling his life story alongside exceptional illustrations of some of his most treasured commissions, this volume offers a window into the marvelous exuberance of the Renaissance age through the guise of Mantegna himself. Buy your copy today.